About Gestinclima

We are a small but very dynamic company, specialising in Data Centre and Control Room HVAC equipment installation. This field is our main area of activity, but we also are very active in installations at other kinds of industrial, commercial, office and residential premises.

We are certified not only for the installation of VRF (variable refrigerant flow) units, used in large commercial, industrial and residential projects, but also for the installation of smaller systems, such as direct expansion air conditioning (DX) with refrigerant vapour expansion/compression (RVEC) cycle and packaged / split units, water-air condensing units and heat pumps (with or without inverter) mainly of the Emerson, Daikin, Airdata, Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi, LG, General, Stulz and RC Group brands.

On a smaller scale, we don't disregard domestic air conditioning installations, for which we are delighted to help our clients to pick the most suitable system for their needs.

Our ample portfolio of clients chooses to us mainly because of our awareness of the criticality of high availability systems and of the sensible nature of the equipment that composes these, which is the reason why we take the highest care in the facilities we work on in this environment.